A performance by Soeur Acéphale (Stephanie E. Creaghan)




Of this you will not heal

And I, the galling wound,

Beyond the stichera

Leadened to the core.


A devotion that falters

In spikes and dips, heretical

And pure, is the one

That will save the Lonely.


It is difficult to leave when

You have no where else to go.


Heralded, wielding spices

We tend to the vulnerable things

Tenderized flesh, sick pink

For Sunday.


You are not dead, but you are dust.






Stephanie E. Creaghan is a writer, performance and video artist whose work deals with the ways in which violence inserts itself into communication. Currently in residence at Les Récollets in Paris, Creaghan’s inaugural solo exhibition, ‘Hideous Intimacies,’ opened in June of this year at Projet Pangée (Montréal). Her ongoing music project, Soeur Acéphale, makes use of her voice and a loop pedal to generate choir-like structures wherein she addresses toxic desire and violence presented under the guise of love and care.