Une exposition de Natalia Rolón en collaboration avec Marion Vasseur Raluy Chez Pauline Perplexe ___ The Overviewed (Un aperçu) est une exposition personnelle de Natalia Rolón. Elle présentera une vidéo en animation 2D basée sur un poème écrit par Marion Vasseur Raluy. ___ The Overviewed A solo show by Natalia Rolón in collaboration with Marion Vasseur Raluy Pauline Perplexe, Arcueil From February 8th to 23rd, 2019 Opening, February 8th at 6:00pm Reading by Rafael Moreno (subject to change) and Liv Schulman at 8:00pm The Overviewed is a solo show by Natalia Rolón. She will present a 2D animation movie based on a poem written by Marion Vasseur Raluy. ___ Natalia Rolón, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an artist based in Berlin, Germany. Her work focus in the complexity of image making and storytelling. Her practice combines quotes from different painting history periods with a variety of means of storytelling: such as film making, theater and illustration. She usually references pop-culture or embraces a stream of recognizable images that come from sources such as everyday news, fashion or record covers. She explores into amateurism and DIY culture, working on kitschy appropriations and embracing styles and formats like watercolors, ceramics and still life. Rolón had shown in several cities and institutions, most recently in Milan and Berlin. Marion Vasseur Raluy is a independent critic and curator based in Paris. From 2014 to 2016, she has co-runned the independent space Shanaynay. She is regularly working with Ana Iwataki a curator based in Los Angeles. They have organized several exhibitions together including: Luca Francesconi : Eternal Digestion (67 Steps, Los Angeles, 2018), Windowlicker (Balice Hertling, Paris, 2018), Art Viewer Screen (Artviewer, 2017), Nothing Recedes like failure (Mortadelle, Arles, 2016), Beloved in the landscape (New Bretagne Belle Air, Essen, 2016), Some of my best friends are germs (Doc, Paris, 2016), Les négligences volontaires (Shanaynay, Paris, 2016). They have co-directed the publication I Will Set A Stage for You, an anthology of a video programme on the curatorial platform Art Viewer in 2017 (Holoholo Books). She is the guest curator for the 2018-2019 season of Orange Rouge. She is writing for 02 and Quotidien de l’art.